Who we are?


ACM EOOD owns bases in Montana, Drenovets and Gradets /region Vidin/, Provadiya /region Varna/, Stara Zagora and Vulchedrum /region Montana/.

Our bases are equipped with modern laboratories, which analyze the quality indicators of any type of grain production according to BDS and ISO. Their results are trusted by farmers and businesses across the country.


ACM Ltd. is a successor of Agrochim Ltd., established in 1997 in Montana. The main activity of the company includes trade in plant protection products, seeds for sowing and all types of Bulgarian and imported mineral fertilizers. ACM is expanding its business by trading agricultural products and liquid fuels.

Today, the company presents on the Bulgarian market the products of world-famous leaders in the field of plant protection. We are constantly updating and enriching our product list to offer the achievements of modern agro-technologies – efficient and affordable preparations and the most up-to-date seeds for sowing.

Mission and Vision

I am proud of Bulgarian agriculture, its sustainability and innovation.

ACM is an integral partner of thousands of farmers from all over Bulgaria. We offer solutions for the needs of agribusiness – agricultural consulting, seeds for sowing, plant protection products, foliar and mineral fertilizers, practical advice and grain trading!
We listen to what Bulgarian farmers think, feel and want, because it is our responsibility to offer the most efficient solution for your farm’s needs. We monitor global market trends and draw on experience, knowledge and skills from international markets, Bulgarian and world producer companies and successful farmers to provide you with the most efficient, innovative and cost-effective solutions at any time.
Our company’s efforts are in support of innovative and sustainable agriculture. This is why we are constantly expanding and updating our range of products and services.
Our mission is to be a leading catalyst in the transformation of our native agriculture into more modern, more efficient and more successful agriculture.
I am grateful to our business partners and farmers for the trust and appreciation they have for us.
This gives us the opportunity to develop and succeed together!

Daniela Yordanova
Sales Director

The global challenges affecting agricultural production in Bulgaria demand effective, timely and innovative agrochemical solutions. ACM Ltd. is dedicated to delivering to the specific needs of agricultural producers in every region of the country.

We have built the expertise and capacity to provide our customers with the best products on the world market for plant protection chemicals, crop seeds and mineral fertilizers. Our major goals now are enhancing our competitiveness on the market, improving our marketing strategies, and increasing our sales.

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ACM Ltd. gives a special priority to creating a stimulating work environment and providing attractive incentives to its employees. We realize the importance of recruiting and retaining young, energetic and highly qualified professionals who seek career opportunities in a growing and challenging business.


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