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ACM EOOD owns bases in Montana, Drenovets and Gradets /region Vidin/, Provadiya /region Varna/, Stara Zagora and Vulchedrum /region Montana/.

Our bases are equipped with modern laboratories, which analyze the quality indicators of any type of grain production according to BDS and ISO. Their results are trusted by farmers and businesses across the country.


ACM Ltd. is a successor of Agrochim Ltd., established in 1997 in Montana. The main activity of the company includes trade in plant protection products, seeds for sowing and all types of Bulgarian and imported mineral fertilizers. ACM is expanding its business by trading agricultural products and liquid fuels.

Today, the company presents on the Bulgarian market the products of world-famous leaders in the field of plant protection. We are constantly updating and enriching our product list to offer the achievements of modern agro-technologies – efficient and affordable preparations and the most up-to-date seeds for sowing.

Mission and Vision

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Hello, Mr. Lyubenov, first of all, congratulations on the new challenge, which undoubtedly represents the position of sales director in a company of the scale of ACM! How does this change make you feel and did you hesitate before accepting?

I like change because it makes you think about how things used to be when you never thought about them. For me to accept the position offered to me is undoubtedly a challenge that I accept willingly and gratefully. It makes me feel fulfilled and satisfied with what I have achieved so far. Not for a moment did I feel shaken, because I believe in my own strength and in my team. I am aware of the great responsibility that I assume and I will try to justify the trust of the company’s management. My new position as commercial director of the ACM company will be a new challenge for me, which I am sure I will handle, as I have a close-knit team of professionals behind me and I know I can always count on them. I am grateful to Mr. Kiril Ivanov for his trust in me and I will do everything in my power to make the company more and more successful. I believe that with joint efforts, ACM will remain the market leader for many years to come.

You have already held the position of Manager of the Southern Bulgaria region in the company for four years. The close contact with the customers from the region is undoubtedly one of the factors that led to the successful cooperation of ACM EOOD with them. Will your new post affect your ability to contact them in the future?

I have always been oriented towards improving processes, working with internal or external customers, managing results, managing sales. That is why, in itself, entering the agrarian sector, with its business specificity, is a challenge that is unthinkable without close contact with customers from the region. The new position will help me to more deeply and comprehensively understand the problems facing clients and will give me the opportunity through the toolkit that my new position provides me to help solve them. Our contacts will become even more fruitful and effective. During these four years, I realized that contact and feedback from farmers is one of the most important conditions for a company like ACM to develop. Our mission is to listen to them and do everything we can to meet their needs. I will continue to meet farmers and at the same time find solutions to their problems. Still, ACM’s motto is “YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR GOAL!”

Since farmers from each region of the country are presented with specific challenges and have different needs, how do you plan to improve the way ACM EOOD meets these needs?

In order to be completely transparent and to demonstrate our drive and desire for continuous development, as well as the constant focus on the interests of farmers, I will now be completely frank about our next goals, namely:

“Friendship” – we strive through a loyal attitude towards our customers and partners to build relationships that are more than pure business interest. For this purpose, we will look for more opportunities for new meetings and contacts and we will get even closer to the business in Bulgaria by expanding our network of partnerships to provide better opportunities;
“Information” – our task is to know all changes, trends and novelties in the field of agriculture. That is why we will take the initiative to always inform you about the current state of affairs related to the development of the agrarian sector.
“Digitalization” – modern systems for organizing work processes and reducing the document burden in the work process are increasingly entering our time. We have proven that we can handle modern technology, but we also realized that we can still improve the way we work. Our goal will be to reduce the time and effort required on your part by implementing more systems to work.

What are the factors that had the most tangible impact on Bulgarian agriculture this year, and how has the high probability that they will continue to be relevant in the coming year change your views?

I can safely say that this was probably one of the most difficult years for farmers, due to two factors – the pandemic and the unprecedented drought in the eastern part of the country. This affected yields, respectively will affect the annual plan and the income part of farmers. Fortunately, not all regions were affected by the drought and saw high yields. On the other hand, the lower yields in Bulgaria and a large number of countries led to an increase in the purchase price of the production. The good news is that we have managed to maintain good relations with our partners and customers, we have organized fast and quality deliveries and we have managed to a certain extent to collect the distributed funds by purchasing production. The probability that the next year will also be difficult is high, no all of us must not forget to take adequate care of the plants if we want the quality and yield of the production to be higher.

In this regard, what are the conclusions that you have drawn from what is happening this year and how will they affect the company’s strategy for the next season?

Knowing what your strengths are, knowing what your strategy is, how you will execute it is an essential part of our DNA at ACM. Agricultural production is a high-risk and often expensive activity. Modern agriculture is facing numerous crisis situations, most of which are the result of the influence of factors that are difficult to predict. What will happen in the coming years is not clear, but Bulgaria is an agricultural country and the farmers, as well as we, the companies that offer preparations, seeds and fertilizers, will have to adjust according to the conditions of the coming years. For that, I expect that we will manage, as we have done so far. It is important for farmers to know that even with a warm winter and dry spring, pathogens continue to develop in the soil and the need to deal with them in the spring does not decrease. ACM will continue to market the latest and most innovative solutions for every farmer, aiming for the best possible results at the end of each year.

If you could address the farmers in Bulgaria, what would you say to them?

I am extremely happy to address all of you partners and friends of ACM EOOD. Another economic year has passed, perhaps one of the most difficult in recent decades. I feel satisfied with myself and with the work we have done together, and the most important thing for us is that we can continue towards our goals. During this period of one year, we have come a long way, faced many challenges and difficulties that were new to us, which did not break us, but made us ambitious to work diligently and persistently for our improvement. Our constant desire for improvement and development, the assimilation of new and unique technologies, the application of best practices were prerequisites guaranteeing high results. There is always more to do in this regard, but we are confident that we are on the right track. I express my gratitude to all of you, our partners, with whom we contribute to new successes and a worthy future together. I want to assure you that we have the ambition to continue raising the authority of ACM EOOD.

And finally, but not least, I want to say a huge “THANK YOU”, because without your huge support and excellent cooperation, ACM EOOD would not be what it is today!

Lubomir Lubenov

Commercial Director

The global challenges affecting agricultural production in Bulgaria demand effective, timely and innovative agrochemical solutions. ACM Ltd. is dedicated to delivering to the specific needs of agricultural producers in every region of the country.

We have built the expertise and capacity to provide our customers with the best products on the world market for plant protection chemicals, crop seeds and mineral fertilizers. Our major goals now are enhancing our competitiveness on the market, improving our marketing strategies, and increasing our sales.

We improve the quality of service

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We attract new customers

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ACM Ltd. gives a special priority to creating a stimulating work environment and providing attractive incentives to its employees. We realize the importance of recruiting and retaining young, energetic and highly qualified professionals who seek career opportunities in a growing and challenging business.

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ACM EOOD owns bases in Montana, Drenovets and Gradets /region Vidin/, Provadiya /region Varna/, Stara Zagora and Vulchedrum /region Montana/.

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