What we offer?

Растителна защита

ACM Ltd. is one of the largest distributors of plant protection chemicals to agricultural producers in Bulgaria.

We realize the importance of delivering timely the highest-quality crop protection products to help farmers achieve higher crop yields at lower production costs.

We offer the following major groups of plant care chemicals:


Herbicides ensure weed control and facilitate the proper maturity of crops. Weeds are a major threat to crop vitality and growth as they deplete the resources of crops and lead to diminished harvest outcomes.

ACM Ltd. offers to the Bulgarian market the most innovative herbicide solutions which improve crop resistance and achieve clear crops year by year.


Fungicides are an essential part of crop care today. Prevention and cure of fungi-related diseases is important for growing healthy crops and obtaining high yields.

ACM Ltd. offers a wide range of quality fungicides of the world’s leading manufacturers to cater to customer specific needs. Our agronomists will advise farmers on product application and provide individual consulting to achieve the desired effect of crop treatment with fingicides.


Insecticides are formulated to fight insect damage at different development stages of both plant and pest. Applying insecticides is crucial to modern crop protection as it decreases crop loss and boosts agricultural productivity.

ACM offers an array of pest control products: insecticides, acaricides, nematocides, rodenticides.


Biostimulators and bioregulators are used in various stages of plant vegetation together with other crop protection therapies. Biological activators improve the growth and development of plants and help crops overcome stressful conditions of various origin. Applying bioregulators leads to healthier crops and higher yields by increasing the disease-resistance of crops and their ability to absorb nutrients.


We bring the highest-quality crop seeds from the leading world-wide companies to farmers in Bulgaria.

Our crop seeds portfolio includes corn (maize), black and striped sunflower, oilseed rape, sorghum, wheat, triticale, oats, feeding and malting barley. We also supply seeds to the producers of fruit and vegetables.

Today, climatic adaptability, disease resistance and draught tolerance are crucial to agricultural producers worldwide. We help farmers in facing the challenges of nature by providing individualized solutions to increase farmers’ yields.

Corn (Maize)

Corn is the crop most widely produced worldwide. It is increasingly cultivated not only for food and forage, but also as an input for biogas production.

ACM Ltd. offers a variety of early, mid-season and late corn seeds, as well as silage and corn inoculants. Our market presence measures up to the solid 25% of corn seed sales on the local market.


ACM Ltd. markets one-fourth to one-third of the sunflower crop seeds on the Bulgarian market. We offer both black sunflower seeds and striped sunflower seeds supplied by the world’s experts in seed selection.

Wheat & barley

Our cereals product range includes popular wheat and barley varieties by well-known domestic and foreign suppliers in correspondence with the established high-quality standards of seed breeding. We concentrate on basic seeds and first generation of certified seeds of soft wheat, as well as feed barley, malting barley, and triticale.

Oilseed rape (Canola)

Rapeseed production is growing worldwide due to its wide range of application: as animal feed, for vegetable oil extraction, and as an input of biodiesel. In response to the increasing popularity of oilseed rape cultivation in Bulgaria, ACM Ltd. offers the best rapeseeds on the market at competitive prices.



Traditionally, we sell a large volume of products by Agrimatko (distributor of ALBA Milagro Itnl, Italy) and by Headland Agrochemicals Ltd. (an operating company of Cheminova).ACM Ltd. holds the exclusive marketing rights in Bulgaria for certain products – ACM Complex (by Cheminova) – a balanced formulation for foliar feeding of wheat, corn and sunflower crops. Our company is also the exclusive distributor for Bulgaria of a Cheminova product with microelements for oilseed rape. ACM also cooperates with Ekofol, Sumi Agro, KVS Agro Bulgaria (Yara), Calliope Agro Bulgaria (Arysta LifeScience), and Timac Agro.

ACM Ltd. is looking to diversify and expand its product portfolio with foliar fertilizers, bioregulators, humates and chelates. The company has established and strengthened its reputation as a trusted partner for modern, high-yield farming, and welcomes new contacts with potential partners supplying quality crop-care products.


ACM offers to its clients a wide range of domestic and imported mineral fertilizers:


  • Ammonium nitrate
  • Ammonium sulphate
  • Stabilized ammonium nitrate (SAN)
  • Calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN)
  • Urea


  • MAP
  • DAP
  • TSP

Potassium (Potash)

Complex fertilizers

  • NP
  • NPS
  • NPK


ACM Ltd. trades with agricultural production all year round. The company markets own and purchased production of cereals and oilseeds, mainly: wheat, corn, black sunflower seeds, striped sunflower seeds, rapeseed.

The storage and silo capacity in all our facility sites in Bulgaria: Montana, Valchedram, Stara Zagora, Gradets, Drenovets, Provadia, allow ACM to deliver large quantities of grain both to the local market and for export. Our excellent logistics ensures that quantities are delivered contractually within deadlines.

ACM Ltd. has established successful cooperation with the world’s leaders in grain trade!

Our competitive advantage in grain exports is the proximity of our bases to the waterways used for transportation of agricultural goods. Our storage facilities in Montana, Valechedram, Gradets and Drenovets (north-west) are very close to the key ports on the Danube River – port Lom and port Vidin, through which a great deal of exports are realized.

Moreover, our grain storage facilities in the town of Provadia (north-east) are located near Varna – the sea capital of Bulgaria, close to the major Bulgarian sea ports in the North – Varna and Balchik. This location is especially beneficial for our trading relationships with companies abroad as we are capable to supply regularly large quantities of grain meeting our deadlines. In order to be close to our clients from Southern Bulgaria, we have a modern base in Stara Zagora, which provides high-speed logistics for the whole region.

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